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2014 Newsletter • Issue 01

2014 Newsletter • Issue 01

Students work on a climograph

A Two-Week Visit Forges New Friendships Between the Students from Singapore and Beijing

On 25 March 2014, 11 young ladies from The Affiliated High School of Peking University visited Nanyang Girls' High School.  They were warmly received by their buddies, who were all Secondary 3 students from Nanyang Girls' High School. 


In the two weeks of immersion, the students from Beijing attended lessons with their buddies and took part in all their school activities, including class discussions and Q&A sessions. The students also visited places of attractions in Singapore such as the zoo, Sentosa and Gardens by the Bay together, and exchanged notes on the cultures and practices of both countries.  However, the main highlight of the programme was a two-day camp at Pulau Ubin, home to Singapore's last villages (kampongs).  The girls also got to paddle in pairs as they kayaked along the coast and entered the mangroves of Pulau Ubin.  The experience of enjoying the quiet life in Pulau Ubin was a rare opportunity even for the locals.


In the two weeks of interaction, the girls shared great fun together; they asked each other anything they wanted to know about each other, faced challenges together as partners and played hard together as pals.  This is how friendships that last are built.



Students work on a climograph


Students work on a climograph

The SAGE Journal

In December 2013, the inaugural SAGE journal was published.  This e-journal is a collation of the research papers and case-studies contributed by the teachers from the SAGE member schools. 


Readers who are interested to find out more about SAGE or the SAGE journal may refer to this link: 






Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng (left) and Mr Dan Tan (right)


Project Passport was introduced to encourage students from the 10 different SAGE member schools to initiate collaborative projects aimed at bringing young people together to make a difference to their environment or community.


The participants were expected to work as a pair and propose a project that allowed them to collaborate with students from another SAGE member school.  The winners of the project get to visit the partner school they propose and actually carry out their proposed project with the students of the identified school.


The judging team was comprised of teachers from the different SAGE member schools. They were given a tough job as the standard of entries from all the SAGE schools was phenomenal. It was obvious that a great deal of research and thought had gone into the project concepts and written reports. The videos produced by the groups were not only entertaining, but showed a great deal of passion on the part of the students and creativity in the way they conveyed their message.


Team 1 of Nanyang Girls' High School, comprising Selina Xu and Lee Xin Min, was ranked the top performing team by the judges.  This project will see the lucky two young ladies travelling to The Perse School at Cambridge, UK to conduct focus group discussions with the Perse students.  They will put up an interactive showcase on how the Nanyang culture and identity are brought about through its history and obtain current identity statements via a portable expression wall to be buried in a time capsule. They will also be writing a report of their findings to be shared with the entire SAGE community.


Selina Xu and Lee Xin Min will be travelling to the UK in November this year.  We wish them all the best in their project implementation!


Judges of Project Passport

Liu Xiao Jie

 The Affiliated High School of Peking University 

Chan May Lun 

 Hwa Chong Institution

Lim Tze Hee

 Nanyang Girls’ High School

 Pu Jia Yin 

 RDFZ Xishan School

Aurelius Yeo

 School of Science & Technology, Singapore

Michele Linossier

 Scotch College, Melbourne

Xia Lei

 Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School

Peter Brown 

 Menlo School

Sarah Richardson 

 The Perse School



Mr Su Zhangkai



NYGH’s Visit to The Perse School

38 girls from NYGH visited The Perse School in June 2014 for a cultural exchange.


The topics the students discussed in groups and shared included:


         The role education plays in the development of a country


         The necessity to learn more languages in a globalised world


         Social welfare in Singapore and the UK


         The impact of social networks on cross-cultural understanding


         Efforts to protect the environment in the UK and Singapore


This annual field trip by NYGH to The Perse School provides a great opportunity for the students to know each

others’ cultures and concerns better. The two schools are looking forward to yet another school visit in 2015.




NYGH Received Dr Greg Davies and Mrs Sarah Owen from The Perse School

The Mathematics Department of NYGH was delighted to have Dr Greg Davies (Head of Mathematics) and Mrs Sarah Owen (Mathematics teacher) with them for a week for a teacher exchange programme in July 2014. It was a wonderful platform for the Mathematics teachers to share pedagogical ideas with each other and encouraged teachers from both schools to continue with their conversations on the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Dr Davies and Mrs Owen also visited Hwa Chong Institution for lesson observations and exchange of ideas.



 2013 Newsletter • Issue 02


Students doing research together

Students from China, Singapore and the United Kingdom Learning Together

18 students from Nanyang Girls’ High School and 10 students from The Affiliated High School of Peking University went on a UK Study Trip from 5 to 20 June 2013, and visited The Perse School at Cambridge. The trip culminated in a dialogue session on environmental issues between the students from the three schools.


“I had a meaningful exchange at The Perse School in Cambridge for it wasn’t just an exchange of ideas but also much cross-culture learning. It was indeed an eye-opener and I truly feel that I have forged new friendships and broadened my horizons.”

– Gan Ming Ying from Nanyang Girls' High School, 16



Students doing research together

Dialogue at Cambridge


Dialogue at Cambridge




Students work on a climograph


Students work on a climograph

Working Together Whatever the Weather:
Perse — Nanyang Climate Collaboration

Whenever the subject of the weather is involved, breaking the ice is never difficult. As a topic close to both British and Singaporean hearts, students from Perse and Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) found themselves on shared ground during their recent Geography collaboration.


May 2013 marked the beginning of an exciting partnership between a group of 24 Year Eight students from Perse and 26 Secondary One students from NYGH. Communicating via email, the two schools worked together to exchange knowledge and views about the climates of their respective countries.


The questions discussed included the impact of the weather on clothing, lifestyle and water supply in both Cambridge and Singapore. Students were able to learn from each other covering some topics outside the usual syllabus.


The collaboration afforded the girls an excellent opportunity for authentic learning, peer review, independent research and project planning. Suffice to say, all the students greatly enjoyed the experience whilst forging new friendships and generating new ideas. Both schools are keen to grow their partnership further in the future through this promising venture.


Exchanging ideas across the globe


Exchanging ideas across the globe


Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng (left) and Mr Dan Tan (right)

Bilingual Olympiad for Teachers

The Bilingual Olympiad for Teachers, which was held on 12 April 2013, was well attended by teachers from Singapore, Malaysia and China.

The highlights of the event include Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng’s humorous sharing on the idea of the “perfect bilinguals” and the role of bilingualism in broadening one’s global outlook, as well as Mr Dan Tan’s sharing on the creative use of different languages and his professional ideas on translation techniques.


Mr Su Zhangkai’s presentation on Nanyang Girls’ High School’s journey in developing a translation course and the pupils’ sharing on their learning process as translation students also received very encouraging feedback from the audience.


Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng (left) and Mr Dan Tan (right)

Mr Su Zhangkai


Mr Su Zhangkai