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RDFZ Xishan School



RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL is the future school of its affiliated institution, Renda Fuzhong School in Beijing China, with the dream of changing the face of education as part of contribution to society. It is the first public middle school in Mainland China to offer a 1-to-1 learning program that focuses on enhancing our students’ 21st Century skills.


Each equipped with a MacBook Pro and immersed in a complete wireless environment at school, RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL students are engaged in interactive new ways of learning to enhance their critical thinking, collaborative skills, communication skills, and creativity while at the same time gain useful content knowledge, all through an Apple platform that uses education-friendly apps and tools. The school adopts the 21 Century learning framework in its 1-to-1 pedagogy, with a particular emphasis on building Information, Media and Technology skills. Using mobile platforms such as iPads, iPhones, as well as social media sites, the school’s Challenge Based Learning (CBL) program has students work on Big Ideas, develop challenge statements, work out solutions, and reflect on the entire learning journey. RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL is the first and only public school to have represented China in participating in the global 2012 Education Leadership Summit held at Geneva, placing the school on the international CBL platform. On 19 May 2012, RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL was certified as an Apple Distinguished Program School. It is the first public school in China to receive the official recognition by Apple Inc.


Since its 1-to-1 learning program started, RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL has been closely collaborating with institutional partners such as the Beijing Normal University (BNU) in conducting workshops, lesson observations, and lesson design tutoring for teachers. The school also sends its teachers on overseas learning trips to international schools in Singapore, Hong Kong and Hawaii. Within Beijing, the teachers participate in the Beijing Learning Summit to share the school’s explorations in teaching and learning pedagogies. There are currently one APD Consultant and two Global ADEs in the school giving professional guidance for the program and conducting internal workshops for teachers. In addition, APD Consultant (Science) Dr. Randy Yerrick from New York University has provided training for Science teachers and held focus group discussions with the Challenge Based Learning project students.


Beijing Normal University assists RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL in measuring the 21 Century skill levels of its students as well as the feasibility and success of its overall 1-to-1 learning program. BNU also generates regular analysis reports which the school uses to review its teaching and learning for each semester.


RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL aspires to be the Center of Excellence in Mainland China for 1-to-1 learning, particularly in the subjects of language (Chinese and English) learning, Mathematics, Geography, and Humanities. The school envisions an environment of customized learning for every student through the harnessing of mobile learning platforms, content knowledge, pedagogies and various modes of assessment.


For more information, please visit http://www.rdfzxishan.cn/.