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High School Affiliated to Fudan University


As we all know, High School Affiliated to Fudan University(FDFZ) founded in 1950, used to be appointed as a common high school directly subordinate to the leading branches mentioned above in the 1960s. Not until 1962 did FDFZ  by name become one of the key schools in Shanghai.

It is a school that is always in accordance with the philosophy of Fudan University and is developing with a unique mission “All is done for the healthy growth of every student”. There are 187 expert teachers and 51 staff in the school, who are professional and wise. They are caring and concerned with creative teaching strategies. Meanwhile, they are willing to empower students’ development.

Nowadays she has become, after 62-year’s development, a domestic leader with a global reputation.


For more information, pleas visit http://www.fdfz.cn/.