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Membership Guidelines

Membership by Invitation


  1. As the aim of SAGE is for members to work with like-minded institutions and to share their expert knowledge, it is important that the membership is by invitation to institutions that have an established programme in one or more of the specialized areas.
  2. As SAGE aims to bring education institutions together to co-create knowledge in a culturally diverse world, all SAGE members can take part in sharing and activities for any of the three specialist sectors.


Obligations of SAGE Members    


Members of SAGE are

  1. To demonstrate commitment to work towards the same goal of the Alliance.
  2. To play host to SAGE members for sharing of good practices and exchange programmes.
  3. To have at least a representative taking part in at least one SAGE activity per year.
  4. To participate in international exchanges within the SAGE network.
  5. To designate an alliance representative (Principal, Vice-principal or Head of Department or equivalent) who is the primary contact.


There is no membership fee to be an SAGE member, but travelling expenses for learning journeys and conference must be borne by the participating schools, except for items that are fully or partially subsidized by SAGE funds for conferences and activities.

Non members who sign up to attend SAGE conferences and workshops or who subscribe to the journal are expected to pay the conference or subscription fee.