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Experiential Learning

Showcase: Nanyang Girls' High School




Often referred to as the process of making meaning from direct experience, Experiential Learning occurs when carefully chosen experiences are supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis. Advocates believe that the experiential approach provides powerful learning experiences because learners engage in meaningful opportunities for real-life problem solving in which feedback is immediate and uncontrived. In addition, Experiential Learning will nurture the self-directed learner who is able to reflect on their experiences, define their own goals, and independently manage their own growth.

At Nanyang Girls’ High School, the 4 pedagogical principles that we have adopted are:

  • authenticity of experience
  • active learning
  • drawing on student experience
  • providing mechanisms for connecting experience to future opportunity.

Experiential Learning is consistent with our school’s 5 Principles of Learning as we strongly believe that learning is active, holistic, social, contextual and requires metacognition.

We use it as a pedagogical approach to bring about the desired student outcomes for the school programmes it serves, most notably: the achievement of cross-cultural competencies in our Global Classroom Programme or responsible decision-making in our secondary two Boarding School Experience programme .