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1 to 1 Computing

Showcase: Nanyang Girls' High School


1-1 computing environment essentially involves equipping every teacher and student with a portable laptop, notebook or tablet PC for continuous use both in the classroom and at home. In such a way, the device can be personalized according to the needs of the individual learner using it. In many countries round the world, the use of 1-1 computing in the classrooms has been driven by the need to create more student-centric learning, where learners benefit from a media-rich environment with quick access to up-to-date and authentic resources on the internet.


Often 1-1 computing is thought of as merely substitution (using soft-copy resources instead of hardcopy textbooks) or integration (of media such as movie clips or animations to illustrate concepts). The challenge is to move beyond such substitution and integration to transformation: where the use of the device enables learning in a way not possible before. Often, this leverages on the interactivity of apps or the connectivity that allows simultaneous input by many learners. For such examples of transformative teaching and learning enabled by 1-1 computing in NYGH, please click here.