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Bicultural Education

Showcase: Nanyang Girls’ High School


In a globalised world, a school leaver who is able to operate in two or more cultures is empowered to engage the global community effectively. 


In Nanyang Girls’ High School, we aim to cultivate interest in learning about the East and the West by exposing the students to the Eastern and Western cultures, while developing their analytical and critical thinking skills in the process.  In the process of developing our students’ language competencies and cultural quotient, we hope to develop students who are able to engage the different cultural communities through mutual understanding and alignment of thinking.  We also aim to nurture bilingual and bicultural students with a sense of responsibility and creativity.


The Nanyang Bicultural Programme focuses on literature, history, translation (English and Chinese), cultural comparison between the East and the West, politics, economic and diplomatic issues. At the same time, while appreciating literary classics, modern derivatives of these classics are also discussed. The curriculum also includes Philosophy and Cinematic Reviews.


While we desire our students to be knowledgeable about events that are happening in both the East and the West, and possess global perspectives, showing solicitude for local happenings, what is paramount is their sense of responsibility and contribution to the community.


In order to attain these qualities, we aim to build a strong foundation through our lessons and beyond the classroom.