SAGE Journal 2015


A collation of case-studies and research papers written by the staff of the SAGE member schools published in Dec 2015.


   SAGE-iSummit 2014


     The second SAGE conference will be held 21-23                  November 2014 at RDFZ Xishan School, Beijing,


     Aligning themes with the three specialist sectors that           SAGE focuses on (Bilingualism and Biculturalism;1-to-1       Computing in Teaching and Learning; Experiential                 Learning), the SAGE-iSummit conference will be running     three concurrent sessions featuring six Keynote                     Speakers as well as sharing by four SAGE member             schools. In addition, the event will hold training                     workshops conducted by guest presenters and RDFZ           Xishan School teachers, and experiential learning                 activities run by RDFZ  Xishan School students.


   3rd SAGE Conference 2016



     Wednesday 21st September to Saturday 24th,                      September 2016
     Organised by The Perse School, Cambridge, UK




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